Munich High End 2017

Munich High End 2017


The High End Munich show took place once again at the M.O.C. with manufacturers from all around the world presenting the latest and greatest.


Audeze showcased the upcoming LCDi4. A true wonder in engineering delivering out-of-this-earth performance.


The rest of the product line was also there available for audition for people to get acquainted with the brand’s sound.

Aurender once again dominated the show, being present in almost all the rooms that used a music server for playback.

EMM Labs showcased a full system delivering incredible performance.

ifi Audio showcased the upcoming iESL capable of driving electrostatic headphones with unparalleled performance.

Viva Audio showcased two systems delivering the closest thing to live sound possible.

Vpi Industries stole the hearts of analogue audio lovers by showcasing their top-of-the-line TITAN.

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